I joined Nielsen in March 2004 right after I graduated from Eckerd College. I was at Nielsen for 8 years until October 2012. During my time there, I worked in various business units and across various functions. I had roles in software engineering, product management, business development and even a brief stint exposing me to hardware engineering too. I had worked across many businesses in both the Watch (Media Measurement)  and Buy segments of their business with deeper expertise in their Watch business

Emerging Leaders Program (formerly known as Management Development Rotation Program)


The Nielsen Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is challenging 18 – 20 month program for talented high performing individuals. The primary objective of ELP is to attract, train and develop the very best and brightest employees. Through special training, guidance and education, the program seeks to foster the development of future Nielsen managers/leaders and provide a continuous pipeline of new and emerging talent to the Nielsen organization. The framework design supports our Nielsen management competencies and our core values. The program is designed to develop a multi-skilled, multi-talented workforce through exposure to different businesses, a variety of functional disciplines, and educational experiences. Rotations include:

  1. Dec. 2006 - Aug. 2007: Business Development ~ NielsenConnect
  2. June 2006 - Dec. 2006: Program Manager ~ Nielsen Media Research and Nielsen//Netratings


Digital Measurement & Analytics

Mobile / Telecom

In the mobile space, I led two different areas: Mobile Media Measurement and Telecom Share Measurement. 

Mobile Measurement

Led Nielsen's fastest growing product portfolio in mobile media measurement and advertising effectiveness products driving $20MM in revenue globally. Developed breakthrough measurement of media consumption on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS and being first to market with a comprehensive solution. Built the first Android application that monitors all usage on the phone in the background and a proxy based solution to measure iOS device like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (see demo videos below). 

Telecom Share Measurement

Product / Business Overview: I managed the Flowshare product for 6 months. Flowshare was Nielsen Telecom Practice Group's (TPG) consumer-type measurement business where we measured the number of subscribers associated with each wireless operator in the United States. This information was then sold to almost all wireless and wireline operators for assessing competitive performance. We produced estimates of not only wireless subscribers, but also new sales ("gross adds" in the wireless industry), deactivations ("churn" in any subscription business), penetration, change in subscribers ("net adds"), growth etc. The product was called "flowshare" precisely because it measured the competitive share of these "flows" - into and out of the market, and among different competitors. These estimates were produced at the geographic market level, on a monthly basis. In terms of subscriptions intelligence, the product provided estimates of prepaid, postpaid, mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and core subscribers.

Customer Benefit: Wireless operators used the Flowshare reports for a number of purposes:

  • Benchmarking competitive performance, by geographic market.
  • Assessing the need for more/less resource allocation to specific geographic markets in the form of network infrastructure, retail distribution, promotions, etc.
  • Predicting and understanding in depth the quarterly-reported figures of competitors.  

Technology / Methodology: The Wireless Flowshare product is a combination of panel research grounded in classical statistics and proprietary wireless engineering technology.