SPECTRAL & TIME SERIES ANALYSIS with Dr. Chris Barton, Research Geologist.

I was a Research Associate and conducted research on the practical applications of spectral analysis to a Hydrologic Time Series. Redesigned and implemented the module to compute the Lomb Periodogram using Numerical Recipes in C++, significantly improving performance by 60% in producing graphs using S-PLUS Pro 6.0. Presented results at the MAA – Florida Section Annual meeting in November 2002:

Title: "Practical Applications of Spectral Analysis to Hydrologic Time Series"

Abstract:  Fourier-transform-based spectral analysis and filtering techniques are very useful but have seen little application in hydrology. We will have an overview of the Fourier transform and spectral analysis and present examples of how these methods can be applied to determine the travel time of water through a catchment i.e. the time it takes for rainwater to travel to the stream. 

Technologies: C++, Fortran, S-PLUS Pro